What's Next for Public Education?

What now? 

It’s been a challenging few weeks for public education supporters. Many are disappointed by the choices our elected officials in Washington are making — choices that don’t seem to benefit public education. Choices that run contrary to the voice of many voters.

 In the Mississippi Legislature, the story isn’t much different. The closed-door methods of elected officials have set a dangerous precedent of cutting voters out of the decision-making process. In response, so many public school supporters like you have called or emailed legislators, making your voices heard on important issues like how our schools are funded, whether more public dollars can be sent to private schools, and how local communities can select school board members. Thank you for letting your voices make a difference for public school children!



Where do we go from here?

How can we actively support public education, even beyond this Legislative session? 

How can we continue to raise our voices?

We need legislative candidates who will commit to vigorously supporting Mississippi’s existing public schools —  candidates who will honor their public school constituents with their voices and votes on important policies. Mississippi's next Legislative election is in 2019. It’s time to begin the fight to put strong new public education voices on the ballot.

Mississippi Public Education PAC focuses on Mississippi public schools, and we’re beginning our work NOW. Although many national issues are of great concern to public education, the front-line battle for our own schools is right here! We can’t change outcomes in Washington, D.C., but we can support candidates who will commit to changing outcomes for the more than 90% of Mississippi’s children who attend public schools.

We’re all frustrated. Help us put that frustration to work for Mississippi’s public school students.



About the Mississippi Public Education PAC...
  • We are Mississippians. We have an “inside interest” in Mississippi’s public schools and believe candidates supported by everyday Mississippians (rather than outside interest groups) can best serve our children.
  • We are nonpartisan. We believe Mississippi’s children need strong advocates from both sides of the aisle.
  • We are realistic. We know Mississippi’s economic future requires a well-educated workforce. Period.
  • We are loyal. We believe in what Mississippi’s students and professional educators can accomplish when provided adequate and equitable. funding and education policy that is supportive, not punitive.
  • We are ready. We believe it is time for positive change in our state’s Legislature, demonstrated by a new and rigorous support of public schools.

Are you ready?