MSPEPAC 2017 Year in Review

What a year working together to support public education in Mississippi! As the Mississippi Public Education PAC prepares for the 2018 Legislative session, we are taking a look back at some of the highlights and successes of the past year. We've celebrated milestones. We've helped elect candidates. We've seen parents, educators, and stakeholders -- all ordinary Mississippians -- speak out for public education and its crucial role in the future of our state. As 2017 comes to a close, we are reminded that across Mississippi, public school classrooms are where so many of our youngest citizens find hope… for the future, for their dreams, for the new view of the world that learning brings. When we stand for public education we stand for their hopes and dreams! Thank you for joining us in that effort. 

NEWS RELEASE: The Mississippi Public Education PAC has endorsed two pro-public education candidates in Nov. 7 special elections

TUPELO, Miss. – The Mississippi Public Education PAC (MSPEPAC), a nonpartisan political action committee that champions public education, has endorsed two candidates in statewide legislative special elections. 

Now is the Time for Greater Resolve... Our Takeaways from September Education News

The Mississippi Public Education PAC monitors news from across the state that impacts public education. Below is a recap of a couple of important developments in Mississippi education news along with some of our takeaways. It's easy for public school supporters to feel discouraged when we see stories like those in this month's news, but at MSPEPAC, they only increase our resolve to advocate for all of Mississippi's public school students. Thank you for staying engaged and helping to ensure that our schools are adequately funded so that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Our 2017 Legislative Session Summary: Public Education Wins and Losses

The Mississippi Public Education PAC monitors legislation that impacts public education in our state. Below is a summary of the 2017 Mississippi Legislative Session.  Thank you for staying engaged and helping to ensure that our schools are adequately funded so that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

What's Next for Public Education?

What now? 

It’s been a challenging few weeks for public education supporters. Many are disappointed by the choices our elected officials in Washington are making — choices that don’t seem to benefit public education. Choices that run contrary to the voice of many voters.

 In the Mississippi Legislature, the story isn’t much different. The closed-door methods of elected officials have set a dangerous precedent of cutting voters out of the decision-making process. In response, so many public school supporters like you have called or emailed legislators, making your voices heard on important issues like how our schools are funded, whether more public dollars can be sent to private schools, and how local communities can select school board members. Thank you for letting your voices make a difference for public school children!