Guiding Principles

The Mississippi Public Education PAC's work in public education advocacy, communications and candidate support is based on the following eight guiding principles:

  • We support quality public education for all our children, including our most gifted and our most vulnerable.

  • We seek to promote and protect adequate and equitable funding for public schools.

  • We seek to ensure that public dollars (local and state taxes) are used to fund public education.

  • We believe our leadership should exercise caution in funding experimental education programs, and those decisions should be guided by the education leaders in our school districts.

  • We support local control of public education and respect for our professional educators.

  • We insist on funding to meet state and federal mandates.

  • We insist on resources and policies that seek to retain and recruit highly qualified educators in every classroom.

  • We support academic and financial accountability measures that are fair to students and teachers and helpful in improving student achievement.