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We're public education voters. 
Want our votes? Stand for public schools!


That's the message we're sharing with Mississippi candidates this election year, and YOU can be part of it on all your social media profiles! It’s more important than ever for Mississippians to make this November THE Public Education election! Candidates are vying for our votes, and as public ed advocates, we're launching a campaign of our own. It’s time to put support for our public schools front and center on the ballot! If you believe strengthening public education is the single most important voting issue for MS this election, it's time to let the candidates know! This page includes social media graphics, a calendar of key dates to share, and lots of sample posts... everything you need to share your own public education stump speech. Use these as a guide and make YOUR campaign for public education personal. Take your stand and share often!

Here's how you can be part of the #VoteMSPublicEd CAMPAIGN...

  • Click our social media campaign graphics below and download

  • Change your social media profile pictures to Vote MS Public Ed (download files below)

  • Add Vote MS Public Ed as your social media cover photo (download files below)

  • Share, share, SHARE our message and graphics with sample posts below! Or make it personal, and write your own using the campaign hashtag #VoteMSPublicEd!

  • Watch the calendar below for key dates during election season. We'll be making a push to share our "stump speeches" on these dates. Add yours using the hashtag!

  • Share anytime between now and November... taking a stand for public education is always in season! 

Don't forget to use our hashtag EVERY time you share: #VoteMSPublicEd

DOWNLOAD CAMPAIGN GRAPHICS (click the image for larger version)




Red, blue, left, right… make no mistake, the most crucial issue facing Mississippians during the 2019 election is the future of our public schools. Vote like your kids depend on it! Vote Public Education! #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex

Public education is the most crucial issue in the 2019 election. Our children are counting on us to make sure their schools are strong and competitive. Ask the candidates on your ballot if they’re willing to take a stand for public education! #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex

Campaign season is here! Let the candidates at your door and on your ballot know that the most important issue in the 2019 election is Public Education! #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex

Want my vote? Stand for public schools! Now is the time, and our children are counting on us. The most important issue on the ballot in 2019 is public education. Vote like our future depends on it! Vote Public Education! #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex

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Check the voting record of the incumbents on your ballot, and find out if they REALLY support public education. Our kids are counting on us. Do your homework, then Vote Public Education! #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex


Campaign launch day is Sunday, May 5! Change your profile picture and share our campaign message:

Election Day is 6 months from today, and I'm joining Mississippi public school advocates to declare 2019 The Public Education Election! I'm a public education voter! Want my vote? Stand for public schools. Join the campaign at #VoteMSPublicEd #msleg #mselex


Check back for more sample posts, and be sure to post your #VoteMSPublicEd messages on these key dates...

5/5 — CAMPAIGN LAUNCH! 6 MONTHS to general election
6/6 — 2 MONTHS until primary election
7/1 — ONE WEEK to register to vote in Aug 6 primary
7/7 — Absentee ballot applications available for primaries
7/8 — Voter registration deadline for Aug 8 primary (5pm in person or postmarked)
7/30 — ONE WEEK until primary election
8/3 — In person absentee voting deadline 12pm
8/5 — Absentee mail in receipt deadline
8/6 — Primary election
8/27 — Primary runoff election
9/6 — Absentee ballot applications available for general
9/30 — ONE WEEK to register to vote in general election
10/7 —  Voter registration deadline for Nov 5 general election
10/29 — ONE WEEK until general election
11/2 — In person absentee voting deadline 12pm
11/4 — Absentee mail in receipt deadline
11/5 — General Election Day
11/26 — General election runoff